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We asked some of the industry’s leading chefs, restaurateurs and producers what “Aussie Cuisine” means to them…

Q&A with Chef James Gallagher

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine The AussieCuisine team acknowledges that Brisbane Chef James Gallagher is without any doubt an eloquent spokesperson for Australian Cuisine. This talented young chef has a brilliant future, so keep your eyes open to his potential! In terms of the primary influences behind its evolution, Chef Gallagher believes that [...]

Q&A with producer Daniel Motlop

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Are we going native? Our native produce could give the AussieCuisine an identity specific to our country and not borrowed from immigrants or our neighbours. As Daniel Motlop points out, "we sell croc, wild boar, emu, rabbits, goat, magpie geese, but also things like Kakadu plum, rosella, paperbark, finger [...]

Q&A with Chef Grant Parry

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Despite the ‘native foods craze’, Chef Parry believes that the Indigenous influence on Australian cuisine is excessively promoted by some Australian chefs. ‘Indigenous ingredients in my opinion will only ever represent a small part of “Australian cuisine” as it stands now, unless the Indigenous produce industry starts producing/harvesting native foods [...]

Q&A with Chef Naomi Lowry

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Top Australian chefs have the benefit of being able to cook with the finest ingredients sourced from small producers to artisan’s suppliers. Chef Lowry understands that her patrons also directly benefit from this scenario. Diners in Australia are acquiring a more sophisticated taste and are more discerning about the [...]

Q&A with Chef Darwin Leonarr

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine ‘I would recommend [the restaurant] Attica as it uses a lot of native Australian ingredients. I have been to Attica myself and it is very interesting to taste what are they doing with local produce’, says Chef Leonarr. The outstanding international reputation of the finest restaurants in Australia, such [...]

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Q&A with Chef Leigh McDivitt

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Chef McDivitt declares that Australian cuisine, in his opinion, is influenced by our local produce together with the sense of refinement of French cuisine. ‘It has a little influence from French cuisine; this is how we refine our own produce, [with the influence of] the techniques from France.’ In [...]