Produce is the primary source that drives cuisine and inspires Chefs. It determines and shapes not only how and what we eat, but ultimately is the backbone of our long term food security. We plan to investigate the importance produce plays in defining our food culture.

Something Wild Brings Native Produce To Market

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Something Wild is a purveyor based in Adelaide specialising in Australian native ingredients. It supplies bush foods to high-end restaurants and is proudly an Indigenous-owned business. The company is responsible for employing many Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory, giving them a unique opportunity to work on their land. [...]

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Granny Smith apples

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Maria Ann Smith’s gift to good eating can be added to the list of insufficiently recognised legacies of our pioneering women. The Granny Smith apple is a good representative of the quality produce we started to grow and produce early in our culinary development. They are a main [...]

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Q&A with Chef Naomi Lowry

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Top Australian chefs have the benefit of being able to cook with the finest ingredients sourced from small producers to artisan’s suppliers. Chef Lowry understands that her patrons also directly benefit from this scenario. Diners in Australia are acquiring a more sophisticated taste and are more discerning about the [...]

Q&A with Chef Darwin Leonarr

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine ‘I would recommend [the restaurant] Attica as it uses a lot of native Australian ingredients. I have been to Attica myself and it is very interesting to taste what are they doing with local produce’, says Chef Leonarr. The outstanding international reputation of the finest restaurants in Australia, such [...]

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Food choices on Sydney and Melbourne restaurant menus

By Carolina Holzmeister Summary: The present paper aims to explore the food options present on menus of Contemporary Australian restaurants. In order to quantitatively address this issue, 40 menus of contemporary restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne were evaluated. The distinctive food choices of Sydney and Melbourne-based diners were examined and the significant differences between cities [...]

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An investigation of Sydney and Melbourne’s menus through the lens of contemporary cuisine

By Carolina Holzmeister Summary: The 'melting pot' of ethnic diversity in Australia and the range of exclusive native produce has contributed to the multiplicity of cuisines in this country and collaborated in the creation a unique ‘Australian Contemporary Cuisine’. The present paper aims to explore the multicultural effects on the contemporary Australian cuisine by [...]

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For the love of meat!

Worldwide we consume on average 34 kilos of meat per person per year. In Australia the statistic shows that we eat a whopping 90 kilos per person per year, nearly 3 times the worldwide average. Each year we eat about 7 kg of lamb, 20 kg of pork, 21 kg of beef and a staggering 42 kg of chicken per person.

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Chicken: a central Australian ingredient

Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Chicken is the most popular meat because it is versatile for various dishes and a much used protein  in most ethnic cuisine. The reasonable price makes chicken very popular and affordable meat not only in Australia. By the AussieCuisine team Chicken has become [...]

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