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With more and more TV shows and websites dedicated to cooking (and eating) we will be examining the part that pop culture and technology plays in shaping Aussie Cuisine. Is it just a fad – or is this the way of the future?

Why are so many Australians working in American coffee?

By Tim Forster  The success of Aussie cafes might be more about the people than the flat whites and avocado toast. Australia has given the world so much: Nicole Kidman, the Hemsworth brothers, flat whites, and (some say) avocado toast. At least two of these imports made Australian coffee shops a slow-burn trend of the 2010s [...]

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What are the challenges of running a restaurant?

By Jeremy Ryland @expertgourmand As a passionate foodie and a restaurant reviewer, the second most frequent question I am asked is “why don’t you open a restaurant?”. The first question is “what is your favourite restaurant?”. Now I know a lot about the restaurant business. I have over 25 years of experience in food service [...]

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Why Australian coffee is the best in the world – and where to drink it

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Aussies are obsessed with the perfect cup of coffee (and the perfect cafe style breakfast). The unique Aussie coffee culture developed from cafes firstly established in Australia by Greek and Italian immigrants between the 1930's to the 1960's. Cafes are deeply ingrained in Australian society, and having breakfast/brunch and [...]

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Study: Aussie food & beverage marketers focusing too much on Christmas & Easter

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Our modern eating habits reflect the zeitgeist of the time. In a fast-paced world, people tend to be more individualistic and a solitary fast-food quick bite can be a common event. Family meals are becoming crucial for reconnecting as a shared group experience. The research reveals that ‘the vast [...]

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Australia’s food and wine infographic

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Statistically, food and wine are clearly a major factor in both new and returning visitors choosing their preferred travel destination. With one in five of those travelling dollars being spent on food and wine, it is not only important for our local hospitality industry, but the national economy. [...]

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Restaurant Australia: case studies

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Australia has a huge gastro-tourism potential as it attracts foreign visitors for its beautiful and diverse landscape, and also for its quality produce-driven food including unique bush foods, and its distinct local wines and spirits. The outstanding international reputation of the finest restaurants in Australia, such as Attica [...]

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How hippie food went mainstream

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Healthy foods are becoming mainstream in Australia, losing its ‘alternative’ appeal as its popularity widens. Foods that in the past were considered somewhat ‘hippie,’ such as quinoa, kombucha and turmeric lattes, are now ever more present on menus at Aussie cafes and restaurants. Aussie chefs and restaurateurs are looking for [...]

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The evolution of Australia’s eating habits

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine ‘In 2016, 58.9 per cent of the population are now going to a café at least once every three months for a coffee or tea,’ says the author. Cafes were first introduced to Australia by Greek and Italian immigrants from the 1930’s to 1960’s. Quality coffee and café-style food [...]

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