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Alexandra Olsson’s gourmet sea salt business Pacific Salt is about to expand

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine AussieCuisine works towards representing the Australian gastronomic identity by also promoting passionate Aussie producers. Olsson’s is a long established, family-owned and operated specialist producer and is fast becoming the favoured salt in high-end restaurants in Australia. Britain’s Maldon salt and France’s Fleur de Sel de Guérande have a [...]

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Australian distillers use native plants to add own distinct flavour to global gin craze

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine In the recent past, gin was considered an old-fashioned drink. As part of the global craft movement, a new generation of distillers are embracing gin as a rediscovered tradition and are searching for new frontiers. By producing gin with a native Aussie twist, Australian distillery companies are internationally competing [...]

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Something Wild Brings Native Produce To Market

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Something Wild is a purveyor based in Adelaide specialising in Australian native ingredients. It supplies bush foods to high-end restaurants and is proudly an Indigenous-owned business. The company is responsible for employing many Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory, giving them a unique opportunity to work on their land. [...]

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Top Australian chef champions kangaroo meat, zero waste and eating bark

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Using kangaroo meat is a no brainer: it’s lean, it’s healthy, it’s abundant. Why aren’t we eating more of it?”, says Chef Matt Stone. Indeed a good question! No other produce is so quintessentially Australian. Finally, a new generation of Australian chefs is championing indigenous foods and including [...]

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Australia’s food and wine infographic

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Statistically, food and wine are clearly a major factor in both new and returning visitors choosing their preferred travel destination. With one in five of those travelling dollars being spent on food and wine, it is not only important for our local hospitality industry, but the national economy. [...]

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 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Vegemite is an iconic household brand, which is a result of the process of industrialisation of food in Australia. As part of our food heritage, Vegemite is one of the Aussie food staples that helps to create a sense of identity of Australian cuisine. Vegemite’s widespread popularity [...]

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The Sydney Opera House’s Bennelong Restaurant Celebrates Australia

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine ‘It is an honor to be located in the iconic Sydney Opera House’, says Chef Peter Gilmore. We showcase the Australian Cuisine, which is diverse and influenced by different cultures, by honouring the Australian produce. We are working with producers from around the country. Their produce is indeed [...]

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Australian Cuisine according to leading chefs

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine International chefs, the stature of René Redzepi, Eric Ripert, Jason Atherton and Heston Blumenthal are not only recognising the development of Modern Australian Cuisine, but placing it amongst the world’s best. The freedom to explore, and cook what and how we want, is clearly an advantage in the [...]

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Restaurant Australia: case studies

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Australia has a huge gastro-tourism potential as it attracts foreign visitors for its beautiful and diverse landscape, and also for its quality produce-driven food including unique bush foods, and its distinct local wines and spirits. The outstanding international reputation of the finest restaurants in Australia, such as Attica [...]

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