Our Culinary Journey

//Our Culinary Journey

Christmas Markets – 1841

Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine The author writes: “Clearly, for those who could afford it, the range of food on offer in the colony was extensive – far more-so than we often give our forefathers credit for”. Contrary to general belief, Fresh Food Markets are not a recent fashion in Australia. They were [...]

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Being inspired by Frank Buckland…. with ideas for controlling Grey Squirrels and Canada Geese

Frank Buckland (1826-1880) was a free spirit in the World of Victorian Natural History. He was the eldest son of William Buckland, the Canon of Christ Church Oxford and later Dean of Westminster, and both his father and mother had a passion for plants and animals. This was a strong influence on Frank as he grew up and his love of Natural History did not abate during his career as a surgeon in The Life Guards.

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A Timeline of Australia Cuisine

As we continue our investigations into "Aussie Cuisine", we will be building a timeline some of the key events in our culinary history. *** 26 January 1788 - Captain Arthur Phillip lands at Port Jackson, establishes a convict colony. 4 June 1788 - First official banquet is held. November 1788 - Parramatta settled. 1789 [...]

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