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It was the first “Aussie Cuisine”, but what part does indigenous food and cooking play in current Australian cuisine?

Celeb chefs say cooking with bush foods is like “discovering a whole new culinary alphabet”

By Renata Gortan Australian palates are being introduced to a whole new world of flavour as native ingredients such as sea succulents, karkalla, samphire, coastal saltbush and wattle seed make their way onto menus. While Aboriginals have always feasted on indigenous ingredients, they are finally being embraced by chefs and the dining public. The [...]

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Native bush food demand outstripping supply says industry as more growers encouraged

By Kim Honan and Marty McCarthy  The demand for Australian native foods across the country is by far exceeding supply, according to the industry's peak body. Australian Native Food and Botanicals (ANFAB) is trying to encourage new producers in the industry and existing growers to plant more crops. ANFAB chair Amanda Garner said demand for native [...]

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Q&A with Chef James Gallagher

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine The AussieCuisine team acknowledges that Brisbane Chef James Gallagher is without any doubt an eloquent spokesperson for Australian Cuisine. This talented young chef has a brilliant future, so keep your eyes open to his potential! In terms of the primary influences behind its evolution, Chef Gallagher believes that [...]

Jock Zonfrillo’s foundation launches new partnership

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine High-profile Australian chefs have been the pioneers of the ‘bush foods revolution’. They have been promoting native ingredients by actively using them on their menus. Indigenous plants are also becoming increasingly available on supermarket shelfs, as a sign that they have been commercially grown as opposed to wildly sourced. [...]

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The Australian paleo diet: which native animals should we be eating?

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine ‘If Australians are to start reducing our dependence on introduced animals, then we need to ensure that our choices are ethical, humane and environmental’, points out Garvey. According to the author’s research, macropod (kangaroo and wallaby) meats are a great source of high-quality lean protein, rich in iron [...]

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Q&A with producer Daniel Motlop

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Are we going native? Our native produce could give the AussieCuisine an identity specific to our country and not borrowed from immigrants or our neighbours. As Daniel Motlop points out, "we sell croc, wild boar, emu, rabbits, goat, magpie geese, but also things like Kakadu plum, rosella, paperbark, finger [...]

Top Australian chef champions kangaroo meat, zero waste and eating bark

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Using kangaroo meat is a no brainer: it’s lean, it’s healthy, it’s abundant. Why aren’t we eating more of it?”, says Chef Matt Stone. Indeed a good question! No other produce is so quintessentially Australian. Finally, a new generation of Australian chefs is championing indigenous foods and including [...]

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Q&A with Chef Grant Parry

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Despite the ‘native foods craze’, Chef Parry believes that the Indigenous influence on Australian cuisine is excessively promoted by some Australian chefs. ‘Indigenous ingredients in my opinion will only ever represent a small part of “Australian cuisine” as it stands now, unless the Indigenous produce industry starts producing/harvesting native foods [...]