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Which Aussie chefs shaped Aussie cuisine during the last 200 years? Who is making their mark on the Australian culinary landscape today? And what opportunities are available to young chefs starting out in the industry?

“For so long you would finish your apprenticeship and then head off to England or France. I guess with the emergence of the Internet we were opened to more cuisines and culture all around the world, drawing young chefs to travel and discover new cooking methods, finding inspiration to create a defining Australian cuisine.”
Chef Cory Campbell, (ex Vue de Monde) One Two Seven Darby Cafe

Q&A with Chef Leigh McDivitt

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Chef McDivitt declares that Australian cuisine, in his opinion, is influenced by our local produce together with the sense of refinement of French cuisine. ‘It has a little influence from French cuisine; this is how we refine our own produce, [with the influence of] the techniques from France.’ In [...]

SYDNEY August 2016: “View Forum”

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine It is pivotal that the Aussie Cuisine research project reaches out to the industry, and its stakeholders, to ensure a collaborative and objective outcome. “Kaiseki”, multi-course Japanese dining, had a significant influence in introducing degustation style dining to Australia; championed by Tetsuya Wakuda at his signature restaurant. [...]

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