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Which Aussie chefs shaped Aussie cuisine during the last 200 years? Who is making their mark on the Australian culinary landscape today? And what opportunities are available to young chefs starting out in the industry?

“For so long you would finish your apprenticeship and then head off to England or France. I guess with the emergence of the Internet we were opened to more cuisines and culture all around the world, drawing young chefs to travel and discover new cooking methods, finding inspiration to create a defining Australian cuisine.”
Chef Cory Campbell, (ex Vue de Monde) One Two Seven Darby Cafe

Aussies around the world: where the top chefs eat when they visit home

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine The skills of Australian chefs can be influenced by their personal experience, as they can imprint a subjective interpretation in their style of cooking. Chefs tend to cook food they appreciate and it is invariably connected to their childhood memories of family meals. The expertise of Australian chefs is [...]

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Neil Perry, Peter Gilmore and other celebrity chefs join restaurant conglomerates

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Rockpool Dining Group, Merivale, Solotel, Lucas Group, Fink Group and other large restaurant groups are now dominating the restaurant scene in Australia. While these restaurant groups are tough competition to the individual owner-operated restaurants, they also show leadership and innovation for our industry. Often they have more capacity [...]

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Chinese chefs learn Australian cooking as demand for Western cuisine grows

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Respecting foreign food cultures encourages dialogue and understanding, as it brings people together. Chinese food has become very popular in the western world and has promoted China as a tourist destination. Therefore, good Western food should also be available to their visitors and to the fast growing Chinese [...]

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Top Australian chef champions kangaroo meat, zero waste and eating bark

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Using kangaroo meat is a no brainer: it’s lean, it’s healthy, it’s abundant. Why aren’t we eating more of it?”, says Chef Matt Stone. Indeed a good question! No other produce is so quintessentially Australian. Finally, a new generation of Australian chefs is championing indigenous foods and including [...]

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The Sydney Opera House’s Bennelong Restaurant Celebrates Australia

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine ‘It is an honor to be located in the iconic Sydney Opera House’, says Chef Peter Gilmore. We showcase the Australian Cuisine, which is diverse and influenced by different cultures, by honouring the Australian produce. We are working with producers from around the country. Their produce is indeed [...]

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Australian Cuisine according to leading chefs

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine International chefs, the stature of René Redzepi, Eric Ripert, Jason Atherton and Heston Blumenthal are not only recognising the development of Modern Australian Cuisine, but placing it amongst the world’s best. The freedom to explore, and cook what and how we want, is clearly an advantage in the [...]

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Q&A with Chef Grant Parry

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Despite the ‘native foods craze’, Chef Parry believes that the Indigenous influence on Australian cuisine is excessively promoted by some Australian chefs. ‘Indigenous ingredients in my opinion will only ever represent a small part of “Australian cuisine” as it stands now, unless the Indigenous produce industry starts producing/harvesting native foods [...]

Q&A with Chef Naomi Lowry

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Top Australian chefs have the benefit of being able to cook with the finest ingredients sourced from small producers to artisan’s suppliers. Chef Lowry understands that her patrons also directly benefit from this scenario. Diners in Australia are acquiring a more sophisticated taste and are more discerning about the [...]

The apprentice chef drought

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine The hospitality industry in Australia continues to expand. However, recruiting qualified, experienced employees has been a distressing issue. The industry cannot possibly further develop with such a shortage of qualified kitchen and front of house staff. The popularity of TV food shows and the iconic status of some [...]

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All about Chefs: An Aussie Cuisine Forum

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Compared to the extensive training undertaken by aspiring chefs, there is a serious lack of front of house/service training in Australia and therefore serious issues with the overall quality of hospitality service in our restaurants. ‘Unlike in Europe, where service/front of house is considered a long-term career choice, this is not [...]

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