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A milestone in our culinary journey

“A fresh, light, vibrant and innovative cuisine; respecting the diversity of Australian ingredients and reflecting our coastal lifestyle.”  The AussieCuisine team Fresh: ‘Australia, being a big country, has such a varied supply of ingredients, mostly year round but also seasonal, which gives chefs an abundance of good produce, making us happy cooks’, says Lauren [...]

Q&A with Chef Alex Atala

Alex Atala is a Brazilian chef, restaurateur and cookbook author. Atala is one of the brightest stars of the culinary world. His restaurant D.O.M. in Sao Paulo has two Michelin stars and is currently rated 16th in the coveted ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ list. In 2013, he was on the cover of the Time [...]

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Q&A with Chef Rick Stein

Rick Stein OBE is an English chef, restaurateur, cookbook author and television presenter. He has written over 20 cookery books, an autobiography and made over 30 TV programmes including 12 cookery series. Rick has a passion for fresh seafood. In the 1990’s he became well known for his television series and cookbooks on his [...]

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Q&A with Chef Josh Niland

Talented young Chef Josh Niland owns Saint Peter, an acclaimed seafood restaurant in Sydney’s cosmopolitan Paddington. He has been pushing the boundaries of seafood cooking with a nose-to-tail philosophy using uncommon species. Sharing his approach to cooking as a chef and restaurateur, Niland chats with Carolina Holzmeister about our produce, the restaurant scene in [...]

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Q&A with Chef Damian Heads

Damian Heads, Head Chef and owner of award-winning Woodland Kitchen & Bar in Sydney, talks with Carolina Holzmeister about our produce, national dishes, immigration and the future of Australian cuisine. "Because of our export situation, a lot of ingredients that we were able to get in the past 10 years we can’t afford anymore. That’s [...]

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Q&A with Chef Russell Blaikie

Acclaimed Perth chef and restaurateur Russell Blaikie at award-winning restaurant Must Winebar talks with Carolina Holzmeister about his favourite ingredients and producers in Western Australia, and the evolution and future of Australian cuisine. "We moved from a heavier cuisine to something that is light and fresh and produce-driven. I think that’s where the change [...]

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Q&A with Chef Julio Azarrello – part II

Julio Azarrello is a hospitality industry veteran with a wealth of experience as a chef, restaurateur and chef lecturer. He works with Gourmet Providore as client liaison, keeping his customers abreast of food trends and market updates on seasonality, availability and pricing of produce. He is Vice President (NSW) of the Australian Culinary Federation. [...]

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Q&A with producer Daniel Motlop

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Are we going native? Our native produce could give the AussieCuisine an identity specific to our country and not borrowed from immigrants or our neighbours. As Daniel Motlop points out, "we sell croc, wild boar, emu, rabbits, goat, magpie geese, but also things like Kakadu plum, rosella, paperbark, finger [...]

All about Chefs: An Aussie Cuisine Forum

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Compared to the extensive training undertaken by aspiring chefs, there is a serious lack of front of house/service training in Australia and therefore serious issues with the overall quality of hospitality service in our restaurants. ‘Unlike in Europe, where service/front of house is considered a long-term career choice, this is not [...]

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