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Q&A with Chef Alex Jackson

Chef Alex Jackson works at O Bar and Dining, an awarded contemporary Australian restaurant in Sydney. He chats with Dane Richards about Australian produce, native ingredients and regional cooking.  "Knowledge of produce has played a major role in the development of modern Australian cuisine. When businesses use locally sourced products, it's a great showcase [...]

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Q&A with Chef Brian Geraghty

Acclaimed Chef Brian Geraghty owns Sydney's restaurant Berowra Waters Inn, which is considered one of the top restaurants in Australia. Chef Brian talks to Dane Richards about immigration, native ingredients and regional cuisine. "Unfortunately, this is a blight on our nation’s food heritage. Whilst the energy in this area is always growing, there just needs to be [...]

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Celeb chefs say cooking with bush foods is like “discovering a whole new culinary alphabet”

By Renata Gortan Australian palates are being introduced to a whole new world of flavour as native ingredients such as sea succulents, karkalla, samphire, coastal saltbush and wattle seed make their way onto menus. While Aboriginals have always feasted on indigenous ingredients, they are finally being embraced by chefs and the dining public. The [...]

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Native bush food demand outstripping supply says industry as more growers encouraged

By Kim Honan and Marty McCarthy  The demand for Australian native foods across the country is by far exceeding supply, according to the industry's peak body. Australian Native Food and Botanicals (ANFAB) is trying to encourage new producers in the industry and existing growers to plant more crops. ANFAB chair Amanda Garner said demand for native [...]

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Guess who’s coming to dinner? Jock Zonfrillo’s weekend of food

By Jennifer HullickAustralia’s hottest chef lines up Adelaide’s best flavour destinations, and a few visual gems as well, for 48 hours of heaven on your next weekend visit.Asking Jock Zonfrillo to reveal his favourite places to pick up a knife and fork in and around Adelaide is like opening a floodgate – his nominations pour [...]

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Q&A with Chef Damien Styles

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Chef Styles believes that Australian chefs are free to be creative when cooking as ‘we [Australian chefs] have access to almost every ingredient available worldwide, and due to us not being steeped in tradition like say either the French or Italians, we can pretty much do whatever we like, [...]

Q&A with Chef Pierre Khodja

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Chef Khodja believes that produce plays an important role in the development of Australian cuisine: ‘produce is paramount to what we know as Australian cuisine. Freshness and quality is a definite priority for customers who are prepared to spend money on dining out, as they want the best. People [...]

Coya: Setting up a restaurant from scratch

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine Chef Saleh believes that ‘if you provide good food and good service, you don't have to worry about the your restaurant business.’ Setting up a restaurant may be a dream for many chefs, but it poses many challenges. The list of obstacles goes beyond rising food costs, the astronomical [...]

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Q&A with Chef Ashraf Saleh

 Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine ‘My Middle-Eastern heritage has played a big part in the dishes that I have created. The memory from my childhood of running through bazaars and spice markets with my parents was remarkable! The flavours of those markets were never far from my plate’, muses Chef Saleh. Chefs tend to [...]