Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine

  • The Pavlova is an ANZ invention and we allocate a distinctive flavour and ingredients to recognise its country of origins and create a unique National Dish for each country.

  • Australia tops and decorates its Pavlova with Passionfruit, giving the sweet meringue base a balancing acidity.

  • The New Zealand version has a generous crown of Kiwi fruits as its topping, making a clear statement of it’s origin.

  • The combination of the fruits on top of the meringue base can vary widely according to the season and the preference of the cook. Blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, melon and bananas are favourites.

  • Anything goes’ for the home cook to please their family and friends. M&Ms, frosty flakes or peppermint crisps can be part of a unique family recipe.

Let’s settle the Tran-Tasman feud by giving both the Aussies and Kiwis a home advantage and a uniqueness to their recipe.

The origin of the dessert is to honour the visit of Anna Pavlova the famed Russian dancer who toured the Southern Hemisphere in the 1920s.

Apparently the oldest written recipe was located in a New Zealand dairy magazine dated 1929 while a chef at a local hotel in Perth served it in 1935.  The facts remain largely disputed and therefore we declare it “equal“.

Pavlova Recipe


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