Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine

  • Responding to some AussieCuisine questionnaires, Aussie chefs put a lot of emphasis and appreciation on the amazing produce they have available from our own growers.

  • The culinary evolution of the Australian Cuisine is largely due to the high quality, the great variety, the easy access and the extended seasonality of our produce.

  • It is through hard work, passion, knowledge and experience our producers can achieve the high quality we appreciate and are used too.

  • “Forget about chefs getting all the limelight for a moment, it’s about the product and the producer these days for me. The chef is just a vehicle to get their hard work on the plate. If you grow your own food I am sure you will agree, you just want to cook simply and honestly to do justice to the amazing flavour that good produce exudes.” Simon Bryant, Chef & Creative Director


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