Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine

  • Chicken is the most popular meat because it is versatile for various dishes and a much used protein  in most ethnic cuisine.

  • The reasonable price makes chicken very popular and affordable meat not only in Australia.

By the AussieCuisine team

Chicken has become the most popular meat for the Australians.

In the early Australia it was quite common for the country folks to have a chicken coop. However, chicken was only eaten at special occasion like Christmas, Weddings and other family gatherings.After the influx of European immigrants in the 1950, chicken became more popular and soon was found in one form or another on most menus of our restaurants what ever the ethnic cuisine.

Chicken Soup, was and still is the magical domestic remedy for most common illnesses and  is even believed to be a hang-over recovery. The Aboriginals and later the colonials living in the out-back would eat anything that could fly, turkey, quails, pigeons, emus, parrots and what ever bird they could trap.

“The classic bush yarn tells of the best recipe for cooking parrot: pluck four plump parrots and place them in billy along with two medium-sized rocks. Salt to taste. When the rocks are soft the parrots are ready to eat.” (Fahey, 2005).


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