Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine

  • Seafood was consumed by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years.

  • Asian immigrants introduced a variety of seafood not appreciated by Indigenous Australians or by the Colonials.

  • The cooking method of cooking fresh seafood “under done” and the use of spicy sauces was only introduced by Asian immigrants in the last twenty years

by Warren Fahey

We are blessed with such a variety of seafood in Australia and a trip to any costal fish market will amaze. We have also become more adventurous with our eating, thanks to the various migrant streams that have entered Australia and brought their seafood traditions with them. There was a time when squid, octopus and many varieties of fish were ignored, but no longer.


Fahey, W. (2005). Curious history of food in Australia : tucker track. (pp. 161). Sydney, NSW: ABC Books.