Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine

  • Australian Chefs are not only making waves in Australia, they also proudly flying our flag in other culinary destinations. They even make their mark in the culinary capital of the world, Paris.

  • A free spirit, coupled with their enthusiasm to push the established boundaries and cooking lighter, healthier and spicier food offerings makes Aussie chefs stand out and the reputation of the Aussie Cuisine stand tall.

  • Sooner or later, most home grown Aussie chefs working abroad will end up back in Australia again, bringing with them global culinary experiences and an ambition to combine their overseas learned tastes and cooking skills with their original home cuisine.

  • They are the real culinary heroes: promoting our cuisine overseas and then contributing and influencing our cooking evolution to new directions when they are back home.

Some young Aussie chefs are taking our cuisine to the world – and in some unlikely places as SBS’ Dateline reports.

Have you stumbled across Aussie chefs in your travels? Let us know who is making it big – and taking Aussie cuisine to the world!