Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine

  • Actor Paul Hogan was the star of the ‘Come and say G’day’ Tourism Australia campaign in the eighties, targeting American tourism. The huge success of the tourism promotion made his line ‘I’ll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you’ internationally famous. This advertisement helped to form the stereotypical image of the Australian laid-back lifestyle, which includes having a BBQ with friends as an iconic Aussie pastime. Barbecued sausages and tomato sauce in sliced bread, instead of BBQ prawns, are more traditional in Australia and can be declared as a national dish.

  • There can be nothing that epitomises the Australian lifestyle better than a barbecue. A typical Aussie BBQ is evoked by the welcoming warm and sunny weather, the Aussie outdoors sports culture and the importance of celebrating with friends and family. Cooking food on a BBQ is by no means exclusive to the Aussie lifestyle; it can be postulated that BBQ are culturally universal, as humans tend to project their primitive instincts onto the barbecue.Traditionally, barbecue dishes are part of many cultures around the world. The Korean gogigui is a grill of beef ribs, pork belly and other meats accompanied by a number of small dishes, including kimchi; the skewered Turkish mutton kebabs are served with mezze and flatbread; the Moroccan mechoui is roast of a whole lamb in a pit in the ground eaten with cumin and salt dip; the Argentinian asado is collection of grilled meats brushed with brine and sausages served with salsa criolla, a tangy sauce made from red pepper and vinegar; just to name a few examples of international BBQ foods.


Is the idea of the “shrimp on the barbie” still a fair reflection of Aussie cuisine?

“I think barbeque has become much more diverse, and smoking is a real craze at the moment. This weekend there is a barbeque and blues fest in Port Macquarie, and one of the 98 contestants chose our chicken drumsticks for their dish as a local product, which is great. Many of our Carriageworks (farmers’ market) customers like buying our butterflied poussin to cook on the barbeque. I like lamb on the barbeque and personally think a duck in the Weber is sublime. We have a large South American style barbeque, which will fit a lamb, goat and suckling pig, with a few chooks squeezed in too, which is the perfect crowd pleaser.”

Producer Beth McMillan, Burrawong Gaian Poultry



‘Shrimp on the Barbie’: Where did the cliche come from? Expat Living.