Viewpoints from Aussie Cuisine

  • Australia is multicultural country and has a wide range of international styles of cooking. Moreover, Australian contemporary cuisine is influenced by diverse cultures, such as the French, Italian, Greek, Chinese and Japanese gastronomy. Our chefs have the privilege to choose their favourite ingredients and techniques from the cuisines they like.

  • Having only some two hundred and thirty years of history, there is not such a thing as a well-established Aussie culinary tradition, as with the French and Italian gastronomy. Aussie chefs have freedom to experiment with different produce, techniques, and dishes. Therefore, previously unknown foods are being popularised and are becoming personal favourites.

  • Additionally, Australians are tending to travel more often. Being exposed to exotic flavours and cooking styles, we are becoming more discerning in relation to our food as we are establishing personal preferences towards cuisines.

Which cuisine – besides contemporary Australian – is your favourite?

Italian hands down. If you believe in reincarnation, I must have been an Italian in another life. I love every dish from every region that I have tried. One day I’ll do a road trip there with my family, and eat ourselves silly!

Miguel Cuevas, Flavours of Spain Catering