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What is AussieCuisine?

Ask anyone their opinion and you are likely to get answers ranging from “I don’t know” to “I know it when I taste it” and everything in between.

In our most recent Gault&Millau Australia review of dining establishments in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra, more than 300 restaurants indicated that they serve “Contemporary Australian Cuisine”, but most were unable to give us an informative explanation or even the defining characteristics of such a cuisine. It was this lack of a clear answer that gave birth to the AussieCuisine project.

There is no doubt that the past 25 years have seen the food offered in Australian restaurants and on our tables at home change considerably. Over this time, a new food culture evolved in which quality and variety – in contrast to an earlier focus on quantity – became important to many Australians. And while trends and food fashions are ever-changing, not only in Australia but in all the world’s major culinary centres, it is clear that there are certain key pillars on which our “AussieCuisine” is based.

About the Project

AussieCuisine is an educational research project sponsored by the Gault&Millau Australia restaurant guide. Over three years the project has researched the greater meaning of Australian cuisine.

We have interviewed numerous chefs, holding several forum discussions in different Australian cities with leaders of the hospitality industry and researching a great number of books and articles. We came to the conclusion that Australian cooking style can be defined as:

“A fresh, light, vibrant and innovative cuisine;

featuring the diversity of Australian inland and coastal produce

and reflecting our relaxed outdoor lifestyle.”

Our Mission

To define the current cultural cuisine of Australia whilst acknowledging its past and offer guidance for its future. To advocate its values domestically and internationally by providing vested industries a clear identity to promote the vast and talented culinary landscape within Australia.


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Aussie food in the media

“Australia is one of the world’s great culinary destinations. Beautiful fresh local produce, talented chefs creating innovative cuisine, fantastic authentic ethnic food, superb markets and gourmet specialty food shops, and much more make Australia a tantalizing country to visit.”
“If you ask me, the answer is much simpler: it’s what ordinary people cook at home, whether it’s bolognese, stir-fry or a humble roast.”

“I think the attitudes are changing about Australian food, myself and other chefs have been chasing that and I think Australia is being recognised a bit more now as a place for foodies.”

Chef Jock Zonfrillo, Daily Telegraph. 26/09/2015
“…I think the Australian chef has to get close with the farmer, the fisherman, the cheesemakers. Start with primitivism – so cooking with fire – and after that, you start adding technique and creating new dishes, or reinterpreting – through a contemporary mind – plates that are part of growing up. Like that, you create a new Australian cuisine.”

“Australian cuisine reflects our unique land where you can grow just about any product. It’s a modern society drawing on multicultural influences. We’re able to interpret with freedom and an open mind.”

Chef Peter Gilmore, Quay Restaurant

“What is Australian cuisine is the biggest question I’m ever asked. I think it’s this influence of everyone around us, especially in the way we cook. I think we are all immigrants in this country at some stage or another. People have brought their skills, but Australian cuisine for me is being individual, using what we have in this country.”

Chef Martin Benn , Sepia Restaurant

“Australian cuisine presents an opportunity to create something unique based on a bounty of native ingredients, dedicated producers and multicultural influences.”

Chef Lennox Hastie, Firedoor Restaurant